Group 1 Audi

Promotional & Social media video and photos

Group 1 Audi own a large proportion of Audi Dealers in Essex, Hertfordshire & London.
We worked with Group 1 Audi and local dealerships to create engaging social media content to captivate their social media audience.

We studied the Audi branding to create content that follows their brand identity and brand guidelines. In conjunction with promotional material we also produced content that coincides with national brand campaigns. The content will be utilised on their website and social channel to increase the development, engagement of the brand and increase customers.

The video to the left is a promotional video we produced on the new Audi A3. The imagery below is from the photography of dealerships and new Audi models.

COVID-19 Update

We are now fully open, with significant sanitisation and social distancing measures in place. The safety of our customers and employees is our priority.