Content Plans

Regular Content Plans

Regular content plans are designed to give businesses a consistent catalog of high-quality videos and photos which can be regularly posted on your social media channels and website each month. The plans are scalable based on requirements and work in a similar way to a bulk package discount, where you have an allowance of filming days to use up each year.

How it works:

1-3 Year Plans

Content plans work on a minimum 12-month contract or can be extended for up to 3 years.

Filming & Editing Allowance

You will have a yearly allowance of filming & editing days to use up over the year. This works great if you have a quiet month and need us to sit tight, or you can use us for consecutive filming days if that’s what you need.

Ongoing Support

We build amazing relationships with all of our clients and you will be no different. We often act as an extended part of any business or marketing department and we are on hand to provide new ideas, advice, and support for your business at any time.

Up To 30% Discount

Regular Content Plans work in a similar way to bulk package discounts. We can make the plans cheaper than our day rates because it provides us with a predictable cash flow to grow our business too.


  • Save ££££’s

    Most businesses we work with move onto Content Plans because it saves them thousands of pounds each year.

  • Brainstorm Sessions

    We offer FREE brainstorming sessions so that you never run out of content ideas and can achieve your goals.

  • Save Time

    Following our initial meeting, we will set up a very simple production plan so that you don’t have to worry about all the fine details.
    Our stress-free process is tried and tested so that can focus on running your business and still have amazing content.

  • Boost Exposure & Credibility

    Our team will support you by coming up with new engaging ideas to help boost interaction and drive sales each month.

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